Who We Are

We are Vizag Christian Assembly and as the name suggests, we are a small assembly of Christian believers in the city of Vizag (Visakhapatnam), who are aiming to love the Lord, to seek Him, to obey Him and to glorify Him in everything. We were formed on December 11th, 2002 through the obedience of a few elders to establish an English speaking church that will be a blessing to the city of Vizag. We are a group of believers from different denominations but we find ourselves rooted in the Pentecostal tradition. We aim to preach the word of God, practice it, and propagate it. We also love to worship the lord through songs and with music. Over the years we have discipled several young people who had come to the city for their studies and then moved on to greater things for the Lord. In pursuit of discipling our people, we have tried to be faithful to the call that has been set up on us as a community, which is: 


And Faith To Extend Our Boundaries And To Develop Christ-Like Virtues


To Our Calling – To Be And To Make Disciples Who Are Faithful And True


For Action To Reach Our World With The Knowledge And Love Of Our Lord Jesus Christ